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My name is Josiane Levitt and I am a pet portrait and wildlife artist based on the Sussex/Hampshire border. I specalise in creating highly detailed paintings using top quality paints and canvases. 

My aim is to create as much realism in a painting  as possible to bring the animal to life on the canvas. I love working on all sizes especially larger pieces  when painting wildlife as I can get as much detail in as possible, and it makes the painting even more impressive.

I am extremely passionate about using my work to highlight endangered species or species who's populations are decreasing. 

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I have always been interested in art and animals as I find them so individual and interesting. By combining my love of animals and painting I am able to create unique pieces of art.

I love painting animals simply because I love animals and I couldn't imagine painting anything else. Making them look realistic enough you feel like they could be in the room with you. Whilst making them distinctive and making sure they have personality.

Growing up in the south of England in the countryside and being surrounded by lots of different animals at home makes me want to paint as many of them as possible.


About Me

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